My Story as a Breast Cancer Survivor- Kaia Girl Melanie Sanborn

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I got the news in March of last year, while on a field trip with my son’s second grade class. There had been some “areas of concern” with my routine mammogram and the doctor called to give me the results of the second, more detailed mammogram. When the doctor called, I explained that I was chaperoning a bunch of kids, but I could talk. She insisted that I call her back when I had some ...

My Dog Ate My Workout Shoes!

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Do your best intentions to get regular exercise run into a minefield of diversions? Do any of these concerns hold you back? not enough time hate gyms don’t know how to get started feel intimidated times don’t fit schedule have small children too far out of shape Kaia is Here to Help! Step 1. Free Yourself of Excuses! Unload your excuses in our Excuse Muncher: get your concerns off your shoulders, shake yourself loose, and take a deep breath. Step 2. Decide How ...

Take a Hike!

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My Two Cents On Invaluable Hiking Gear If you live in northern California (or a similarly mild climate) as I do, any time of year is hiking season. If you are not in the mood to hike right now though, and want to wait until the weather's a little warmer, now it is the perfect time to plan your summer hiking trip. My husband I spent an amazing three weeks last summer backpacking the John Muir Trail and the experience has prompted me to write about a few pieces of gear that we found ...

What Nutritional Changes Can You Live With?

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You BRIK Kaia Girls have been working very hard to improve your fitness levels, lose weight, lose inches, build strength, improve flexibility, and more. For many of you participating in the Kaia Revolution Nutrition Plan you may be experiencing a fairly radical change in your diet. Whichever plan you are following the core tenants, or as Kaia calls them, 'The 10 Commandments', are a good guide to healthy living. As you work through the next few weeks it is time to think about how these ...