Ruth R. : The esprit de corps kept me going and coming back!

Ruth R. : The esprit de corps kept me going and coming back!

Last fall when I joined the Kaialympics BRIK session, I knew I had to do something serious. I had been exercising at a different gym, but I had plateaued. The needle was going the wrong direction on the scale, and I was not getting perceivably stronger. In a year or so, I would reach my next decade, and I was scared. I had a family history of heart disease, and I knew I wanted to enter that next decade in better shape than I was at that time. 

I was committed to attend the BRIK session—five times a week and follow the Kaia level diet plan. I decided to detox off of caffeine and added sugar, as much as possible. I was motivated to get to the 5 AM class each day and give it my all. I commuted up from Marin and returned home in time to shower, dress up and get to work by 7:30. It was a logistical challenge, as well. The workouts were tough, but I found that I could do things that I hadn’t been able to do previously—run a mile faster and with less difficulty, do more push-ups, go higher on the pull-up bar, and balance better in different yoga poses.

As the weeks progressed and I got into the routine of both diet and exercise, I found there was more that motivated me. The esprit de corps from both the other participants and the coaches and the fact that each workout is entirely unique keep me going each week and coming back the next. The weight has come off, and I find myself much more mindful of my diet choices.

As I reflect, I believe Kaia is the perfect blend of emphasis on individual achievement and group support. My goal is to continue to show up and give it my all—to enter into my next decade and the one after that stronger and better able to meet the challenges that come my way. To do my best and keep going, “Kaia Strong.” Thank you, Kaia. 

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