Catherine T: From Couch to Coach

Catherine T: From Couch to Coach

When I started Kaia FIT, I was at a very difficult point in my life. I had just recovered from months of battling fatigue caused by the Epstein-Barr virus, and that battle had left me weak, overweight and in low spirits. My challenges were significantly compounded by the fact that my youngest child was in the acute phase of an autoimmune-related illness that placed great strain on him and our entire family.

I heard about Kaia FIT through my children’s gymnastics studio and found within myself the courage to try out a class. At one point, early on in the class, I was supposed to be jumping rope 100 times. After only 10 jumps, I was exhausted and ready to cry and give up. One of the coaches came over to me in the corner, smiled, and told me that we would take the 100 jump ropes together 10 at a time. With her support and encouragement, I did it! Mind you, knowing that the next exercise in the circuit was running around the building twice or walking around it once, I made it through the jumping rope in part by telling myself that I would finish that exercise and then walk really slowly around the building. But the coach didn’t abandon me. She could tell I needed emotional support, so after the jump roping she looked at me and said, “O.K., let’s power walk around the building! Follow me!” And, in that moment, I became a Kaia Girl.

Over the next weeks and months, the Kaia FIT program gave me all the tools I needed to get healthy—from nutritional guidance and tasty, healthy recipes to fun, varied workouts that were designed to be done at whatever fitness level needed (and, believe me, I needed a very low level at the beginning). I was the weakest woman in the class when I started but I never felt shamed or discouraged. The coaches and other girls were not competitive but caring, supportive and encouraging. It was hard but I followed the program and immediately saw results and that encouraged me to keep going. In the first 5 weeks, I lost 10 pounds and by the six-month mark I had lost 25 lbs and felt stronger and healthier than I had in well over a decade! Friends and acquaintances were amazed at my transformation and would stop and compliment me. It wasn’t just the weight loss. For instance, one friend commented that my skin was glowing—and it was true! I didn’t even need to exfoliate anymore; my skin was soft, smooth and clear.

Exercising, eating mindfully, and being in the presence of a community of supportive, inspirational Kaia women truly helped me to get through the emotional challenges of my son’s battle for health (he had fortunately recovered substantially by the end of the year). It was good for me to realize that taking care of myself—and doing something just for me—actually allowed me to have more love and energy to give to my family and others. I was so much happier and that happiness radiated and enhanced my relationships with my husband, kids, and other people in my life.

Before I started Kaia FIT, I was so weak that I had to rest at regular intervals on the couch. I was constantly telling my kids that I needed a break. If I needed to go upstairs in our house, I dreaded it and tried to minimize the number of trips I had to make because I was that weak. Just last month, I carried my 72-pound sleeping son up those very same stairs to his bedroom! I have become an athlete again and Kaia FIT is my sport. I never cared much for running, but with my Kaia sisters’ support, I ran my first mile since the time I was forced to do it in high school and I felt on top of the world. That was followed a few months later by my very first race. I was so proud to run 5 miles without stopping! I was very slow but I did it. Now I love running and can run a mile in under 8 minutes! I have participated in several mud runs and races as part of our Kaia team and look forward to more in the near future!

Kaia FIT transformed my life, making me stronger, healthier and happier. I couldn’t be more passionate about how wonderful the program is and how it really can change lives because it changed mine so completely. Now I am ready to give back: This year, I decided to become a Kaia coach. My Kaia journey is expanding as I teach and support other Kaia FIT women in the workouts and on their own fitness journeys. I love it and I am so excited to be a part of Kaia FIT in this way!

This is my Kaia story and I am proud to be a Kaia Girl and now a Kaia Coach!

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